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We believe that everyone in Lebanon – from Akkar to Naqoura – deserves the same right to high quality entrepreneurship education and support as someone in Beirut, and that everyone in Beirut and across the MENA region deserves the same high quality entrepreneurship education and support as someone in London, Boston, or Silicon Valley.

Let’s join forces to make that a reality.

Startup Scouts is a training and support program for aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs up to age 25. It is available to people across Lebanon (and then beyond) who want to create a startup solution for a problem they care about.

The Program

Open House

  • July 16-26

Application Deadline

  • July 28


  • Aug 4-11


  • Aug 13

Impact Accelerator

  • Sep-Dec

Final Demo Day

  • Mid-December

Challenges worth solving.

Our Challenge Guides

We focus on encouraging and supporting innovation on the most critical challenges facing Lebanon, the region, and the world, leveraging existing frameworks and research when possible, such as:

  • The global SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN
  • The LCRP (Lebanon Crisis Response Plan)
  • Other local and regional assessment frameworks
  • Our experience and network on the ground

Challenge Area Partners

We are working to identify key partners in different sector/challenge areas to join us in this effort, to ensure robust and world-class support for startups, and to improve impact and scalability of our work. We’re still identifying our core focus areas for the upcoming programs. If any of these are of interest to you, or if you’re passionate around other key challenges and want to collaborate, please contact us at partner (at) startupscouts.org, or fill out the form on the Partners page.

Particular areas of interest

  • Education (including early childhood and continuing education)

  • Health, wellness, and nutrition

  • Sustainability and greentech (water, sanitation, waste, clean energy, responsible consumption)

  • Governance, e-government, citizen engagement, including tools to help improve organizational impact and efficiency

  • What’s the challenge in Lebanon, the region, or globally that you’re most passionate about?

Startup Scouts is a platform that helps aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs:

Please connect with us via the forms on the pages for Partners, Mentors, and Startups.


If you have an inquiry that doesn’t fit into any of those categories, please fill out this form below and we’ll follow up with you. 

… or email us at: startupscouts (at) altcity.me