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Over 500k reached, 1000+ teams trained, 45 startups created, and we're just getting started.

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Building on 10 years of experience as active trainers and leaders in the startup ecosystem in Lebanon and EuroMENA, and 20 years in education program development and research.

Startup Scouts is build on foundations of experience, research, and innovation. We have spent the last few decades working to improve opportunities for personal, organizational, and community growth and empowerment, focusing on the needs and opportunities within challenging environments, including conflict and post-conflict communities, refugees and migrants, marginalized communities, and transitioning/emerging ecosystems.

We believe in the appropriate balance between leveraging the power of technology, and the essential power of human connection. Our programs include both, designed so that each enhance the other.

Teams Trained
Startups Created
Reached via online/in-person outreach (not inc media coverage)
Value created for the Lebanese economy, IN LEBANON.

We’ve collaborated with:

Google Launchpad, Techstars, Banque du Liban, Oracle, Stanford, World Bank, the British Embassy in Beirut, Kafalat iSME program, the Dutch Embassy in Lebanon, LebNet, TechWadi, Aspen Institute, Arabnet, STEP, American University of Beirut, Berytech, Lebanese American University, UNICEF, BDD, The Office of the Prime Minister (Lebanon), UNHCR, ESCWA, the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the Global Accelerator Network, Mercy Corps, DAI, Synergos, LIU (Lebanese International University), MEVP, and many others.